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Patch Notes

Patch Note

Here are the patch notes for today's CTE update. Please remember that these are changes that may or may not be in the next release in production. There are features NOT mentioned in these notes that will be in the next production release, so don't panic if some of the changes you were hoping for aren't mentioned.

Please keep the feedback flowing, especially for the Suez update and Ammo 2.0, as well as the new spotting feature for medics.

Maps & Modes

Re-enabled timer to Frontlines (we'll look into possibilities of making it infinite in custom games in the future).

Second update of Suez. Layout and capture point fixes. Also vehicle changes.

Rupture Polish:

  • Reduced amount of planes to 2 per team.
  • Changed size of capture area of D point.
  • Swapped C and B (As noone seemed to get that it was B for Bridge. Duuh!)
  • Changed size of capture area of A point.
  • Moved motorcycle out of bush near T2 Spawn.
  • Moved spawns back from T2 team in an effort to balance the map out a bit
  • Added spawn area AA guns for both teams.
  • Removed an MG position that wasn't supposed to be usable.

Fixed issue where players could get in the Char 2C behemoth before it finished deploying and later teleported back.

Fixed an issue in which the player was able to spawn outside of the combat area in Rush on Soissons.

Fixed an issue in which the player was able to climb on top of the Fort and another in which the player was able to glitch behind some debris.

Spectator Mode - fixed free camera boundaries on Giant's Shadow and Soissons.

Weapons & Gadgets

Fixed an issue with the Selbstlader 1906 Sniper where rifle grenades were inheriting the velocity of bullets.

Increased lethal grenade resupply timers:

  • Mini: 28s
  • Gas: 35s
  • Light AT: 42s
  • Frag: 49s
  • Impact: 49s
  • Incendiary: 49s

Increased ammo box resupply rate modifier from 3x to 3.5x for all lethal grenades.

Incoming suppression will halt resupply progress of grenades without an ammo box, and will reduce resupply speed with an ammo box to two thirds its normal value.

Corrected rate of fire for the M1903 Experimental and Sniper from 51 to 54 rpm, which is the actual ROF for these weapons.

Added Weapons:

  • Hellriegel 1915 Defensive
  • Selbstlader 1906 Sniper
  • Huot Automatic Optical
  • Martini Henry Sniper

Fixed errors where K Bullets could hurt tanks farther than 150 meters away.

Fixed incorrectly low drag for the Chauchat.

Fixed K Bullet icon not being visible in the inventory when using the Lebel.

Lebel Model 1886:

  • Fixed spread decrease being too slow for Infantry version
  • Fixed bipod having no influence on recoil and hipfire spread for Sniper version"
  • Fixed incorrect scope sway when using 2.00x or 1.25x magnification

Increased M1903 Experimental trigger pull weight to match the ROF change done in They Shall Not Pass.

Removed post reload delay when using K Bullets on the Martini-Henry.

Fixed issue with artillery exploding mid air.

Fixed an issue where the crosshair disappeared when zooming in using the Villar-Perosa.

Fixing bayonet bug that allowed player to be killed without triggering the animation when there was no obstacle between them.

Fix grenade unspawning when character is dead on the server before the grenade was spawned there.

Fixed an issue where the saber sound kept playing when jumping off a horse while swinging.

Fixed issue where player could not see nearby medics when killing self with gas.


Added advanced gameplay option for adjusting the Stick Aiming Acceleration. Allows setting the soldier aiming when using a stick like Battlefield 4.

Removed invalid binding for Left Alternate controller with the horse. Gallop and Melee were being bound to Left stick click which is not possible. Removed the Melee attack binding and from now on only Gallop will trigger (Melee attack would never trigger anyway)

Adding aim assist setting for custom games.

Other changes

Disabled DX12 MGPU support because of a bug.

Added setting for break pre-round to be 6 players.

Updated base game credits.

Added 19 ribbons (some with placeholder art).

Created new widget to show player ping when ping exceeds soldier frame time history. (Updated in settings default to 0.1 which is 100 ping). Created new option in gameplay advanced to turn this option on/off.

Medics can now "spot" dead players to let them know they are attempting to come save them. The dead player will see a notification in the bottom left (where nearby medics are listed), and the medic will get an objective-indicator on the corpse. This feature was suggested in a thread here a couple of months ago, and we're very happy to finally test it on the CTE.

Ammo 2.0 testing

Today's release also features an experimental setup of Ammo 2.0 for all gadgets with limited ammo. We expect that, once everything has been tweaked properly, there should be a significant reduction in explosives availability while making active resupplies by allies more relevant and less frustrating. We also increased the times it takes to resupply offensive grenades to better work with the average player lifetimes.

How does it work?

  • Gadgets replenish some of their ammo passively. Usually this is limited to less than the standard maximum amount of ammo. Most of the time it is one magazine.
  • If the passive replenish is limited, the timer will keep running after the limit has been reached, but at the end of the cycle it prepares a magazine for instant resupply when getting near an ammo crate, instead of adding ammo directly to your inventory.
  • Some gadgets allow you to carry more ammo than the standard maximum if actively resupplying on ammo crates. This bonus ammo is lost when you respawn.
  • Ammo crates greatly speed up the replenish rate and allow for full resupplies.
  • When you respawn, most gadgets will come with the same amount of ammo you died with. This also extends across two gadgets of the same type, like HE and Frag rifle grenades. However, most gadgets will have a minimum amount of ammo, preventing you from spawning without any ammo.
  • Most offensive gadgets do not replenish passively when you are under fire. Active replenish is slowed down.
  • Healing gadgets now benefit from nearby ammo crates. They are also not affected by suppression.

Things to consider

  • Ammo pouches are not supported yet and have been disabled.
  • None of the values have been playtested. Do not expect well-tweaked numbers yet.
  • Especially anti-tank gadgets might end up being too weak for AT purposes. Some gadgets had their damage adjusted already, but it might not be enough.
  • Scoring does not work with gadgets.
  • There are no UI indications for the progress of resupplies yet.
  • Primary and secondary weapons are unchanged.



  • Magazines: The default maximum number of magazines. Used when you spawn the first time in a round with an item.
  • Minimum Mags: The minimum number of magazines you can spawn with. Usually this is also the amount of magazines that may be restored by limited passive replenish.
  • Max Passive Mags: Overrides the number of magazines you can get from limited passive replenish. Only used on a few items. If not specified, limited passive replenish goes up to Minimum Mags.
  • Bonus Mags: How many bonus magazines you can carry if you get actively resupplied after reaching the default number of magazines.
  • Replenish: How long a replenish cycle for a single magazine takes in seconds.
  • Speedup: Multiplier to how fast replenish runs while near ammo crates. A value of 2 would mean that getting ammo takes half as long when you are actively resupplied.
  • Suppression Scale: If listed, these gadgets replenish at different rates for 5 seconds after an incoming suppression event. Passive and active rates can get different modifiers. A value of 50% means that a cycle takes twice as long, if you are suppressed for the whole duration.